Prime Services

Prime Services

As a professional investment advisor, you strive to generate pure alpha to your investors. To succeed, you must have a partner that can deliver. In an effort to provide a compelling edge in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, we offer our customers a powerful combination of extraordinary customer service and operational support using state-of-the-art trading technology. Our transaction-oriented core services include centralized clearing, trade processing, foreign exchange, and 24-hour execution. Our electronic volume footprint allows us to offer rates that are competitive with or below those that can be negotiated directly with the FCM.
BH Capital is in a mode of constant investment in innovation enabling customers to benefit from advances in direct market access and straight-through processing. Our ambition is to always be at the leading edge in the field of brokerage. We are committed to constantly reappraising ourselves and further developing our business model to ensure we remain assured and confident in an ever changing landscape. At the core of this are our values of impartiality, partnerships, and inventiveness.
Regardless of which trading platform is preferred, BH Capital is committed to providing its clients with efficient electronic commerce initiatives. We provide global execution services on all principal U. S. and international exchanges 24 hours a day. Clients have access to the various exchanges from strategically located execution desks. Our electronic order routing systems and substantial market floor presence offer clients direct market access. Our 24-hour desks give clients the ability to execute transactions on multiple global products via electronic trading platforms or open outcry markets.
Financial Strength – Vital balance sheet strength, proven reputation, and international brand recognition. Our top tier FCMs, Prime Brokers, and Banks are clearing members of all U.S. principal futures exchanges.
Experienced Support Staff – Investment technology, information and knowledge for every aspect of the investment process. Confidence required for everything you trade. You will have access to experienced support staff who take pride in providing a complete range of quality services, and who truly understand the unique requirements of CTAs and hedge fund managers.
Global Execution Services – We offer global execution services on all principal U. S. and international exchanges 24 hours a day. Clients have access to the various exchanges from a strategically located execution desk. Electronic order routing system and substantial market presence offer clients access to immediate execution and market information. Its 24-hour desk gives clients the ability to execute transactions on multiple global products via electronic trading platforms or open outcry markets. We provide professional services which include direct access trade execution, real time account management, tailored made solutions, electronic daily statements and real-time account information.
Give-In/Give-Up Management – We are able to efficiently accept and clear trades for customer accounts on all major U.S. and international exchanges. This expertise also allows us to execute and accurately allocate trades to the clearer of your choice. All trades accepted for your clearing account with the selected prime broker are designated as give-in trades on your daily statement. Information such as the executing firm and other relevant trade identifiers are also noted on each give-in transaction.

These services allow clients to maintain relationships with different executing brokers while reaping the benefits of centralized clearing, such as improved risk management, simplified treasury operations, reduced administration, easier trade confirmation and consolidated margin requirements.
Global Clearing Services – Centralized clearing services give clients a single facility for clearing global exchange-traded derivatives. Centralized clearing allows clients to manage their global trading activity, margin requirements and cash management operations more efficiently and effectively. Clients receive:
    - A professional staff of global operations specialists
    - Electronic data delivery of account information
    - Electronic account reconciliation
    - Single currency margining
    - The ability to meet initial margin requirements in cash or eligible securities
    - Treasury services
    - Foreign exchange conversions
    - Half-turn or round-turn commissions
    - Contract expiration notification
    - Exchange-for-physical (EFP) services
    - Administration of global execution agreements and payments

Account Management –

We furnish account information through various delivery methods in order to meet the specific operating requirements of a particular client. Our clients receive daily and monthly multi-currency statements that provide all pertinent trading information and are presented in a straightforward, easy-to-read format. Daily information can be transmitted via the Internet including electronic data file. Daily statements contain the following transaction information:


    - Current trading day activity

    - SPAN margin information

    - Open position listing

    - Margin deposits and returns

    - Trade offset information

    - Securities on deposit

    - Open trade equity

    - Commission charges

    - Total equity

    - Net profit or loss

    - Beginning and ending account balance


Client Service – Full operational support and integrated services are just part of our commitment to clients. You will find that we are dedicated to ensuring your success–from back-office to front-office requirements–for your investment organization. The client service advantage provides an efficient source of centralized information management and reporting. The customer service desks provide practical, hands-on problem solving on a day-to-day basis. We have a network of distribution partners. We have created an environment and global network to help develop and grow your business.


    - Cap Intro Platform

    - Business development and organization

    - Consulting services

    - Clearing and execution services & OTC brokerage services

    - RBMF Credit Lines

To find out more interactive provision of information contact us at 1-800-749-3455 or via e-mail: Outside U.S., dial 1-310-556-7718.
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