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The CTA Expo and Emerging Manager Forum conferences were started in 2008 to help Professional Investors, Allocators, Capital Raisers, Institutions, and RIA’s meet and identify new and emerging talent in the Hedge Fund, CTA, FX, and Alternative Management space to promote alternative investments.

Conference dates
New York | April 21 2016
Miami | December 8 2016
Chicago | September 15 2016

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As the increase in the use of technology and changes in market gives more options to the Investors, there is an inclination for Alternative Investments. The reason for this lies in the fact that the Investors have more options to invest. This stands true for both: individual investments and institutional money.

This blog shares 4 reasons why most of the Investors are motivated towards Alternative Investments.

1.Requirement of Diversification

One reason why private investors are moving towards alternative investors is because of the low yield of bonds and volatile stock prices. This source helps the investors to put their wealth at the safest place. In this way, investors can protect their growing wealth from the danger of swings in the traditional asset market. Even the advisors of Investment suggest Alternative Investment over others.

2. Accessible Investments

Another major reason to choose Alternative Investment is its quality of easy accessibility. The changes in rule of Private Investment has given a relaxation for the Regulation D restriction. Further the changes in technology has made Regulation A open to non-accredited Investments.

3. Stock Market Volatility

The changes in Stock Market has agitated a lot of Investors who were probably at the unfavorable side of investments. The changes in China’s growth rate, political uncertainties and other major factors cause a lot of effects on the Stock Market fluctuation. This is the reason Investors are moving towards Alternative Investments which can help them to fill the gap created by changes in Stock Market.

4. Decline in the number of IPOs

As the IPOs are fewer in number and slower in the process, this creates a lot of problems in the investor cash. The reason for the fall in IPOs number can be attributed to its cost, disclosure requirements to the public and the time it needs. Firms these days prefer to stay private as it is easier for them to invest this way without giving out numbers every quarter. The money that the companies receive from IPO investments will be moved into alternative investments (partially).

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Investment in Diamonds has been a part of market for a long time now. Diamonds, because of its royal look and investment capacities, have proved itself to be a powerful investment. History has seen the inflation of diamond prices from 150% to 200%.

This article will detail about top 6 reasons for people to invest in Diamonds.

1.Easy liquidity and control

If a person possessing Diamond wishes to liquidate the asset, he/she can do it at any part of the world. Diamonds are used as a basic form of payment is such cases. This is a control that Investors enjoy in their Diamond Investment. Such a control is not possible when you invest in third party such as a bank.

2. Universal Value

The prices of Diamonds are universally same. Rapaport is held responsible control the diamond prices across the world. This adds to the value of investment as you can use Diamond investment as per your business/ personal needs irrespective of relying on a particular nation’s value for it.

3. Rare beauties

Diamonds are a rare stone, and this factor adds to its value. Diamonds are available in abundance as a jewelry but the quality of such diamonds is very low. There is a scarcity of new diamond mines and thus, this precious stone, of good quality is sure to yield high returns in future making it valuable for its customers.

4. Less affected by stock market

The value of diamonds is not affected directly by the changes in stocks and bond values. Thus, recession or downfall does not impact the diamond investors much.

5. Multiple Use

It is worth to invest in a gem that you can use for yourself as well. The beauty and grace that the diamonds attach to itself makes its investment worth it.

6. Alternative Investment for Family businesses

Investment in diamonds is beneficial for Family businesses that wish to lower the risk of adjusted returns. Alternative Investments are beneficial in such a case, but this is not true with all such alternative investments. As investment in diamonds undergo least possible downfalls, it is always better than other investments.

Investment in Diamond can help you reap fruitful results in the future but this is possible only if you rely on reputed and trustworthy brokers. With the massive type of qualities of diamond available in the market, you should consult an expert of the industry to look for a quality diamond for investment.

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