Capital Introduction

Capital Introduction

We offer professional introduction and marketing of alternative investment managers to institutional clients and high net worth investors. We are strategically positioned to represent established, tenured and start-up, emerging trading advisors in the Alternative Investment universe. We specialize exclusively in the cash/derivatives, hedge fund/CTA space. Our hedge fund marketing and capital introductions services identify and qualify potential institutional and high net worth investors.

The Process Of Capital Introduction Prime Brokerage

We begin our review of each candidate partnership with a stringent due diligence process designed to discover any weaknesses or flaws that may exist in a manager’s trading approach, style or delivery. We will work with you to fully understand your investment strategy as well as the nuances within your strategy that gives your fund a niche/edge over your competitors. It is this understanding that allows us to bridge an information gap between yourself and the investor community and to thoroughly educate investors on your trading strategies/models. Equally as important are the quantitative hurdles that each advisor must meet through the performance of their programs. We employ an analytical approach to quantifying the statistical value of each manager’s trading output. Finally and most importantly, the qualitative features that build a manager’s front and back office operations as well as the quality and professionalism of the individuals that oversee the manager’s trading operations. They are routinely assessed and evaluated against the standards that will ultimately be mandated by our global distribution channels.

The highly intimate relationships we build with our partners are based upon a foundation of defined goals for targeted capital introductions, as well as client needs servicing long after the funding objectives have been successfully met. Our proven marketing talents are based upon the many years of experience and success in raising substantial assets for our clients. From the establishment of prime brokerage operations, to the development of proprietary trading technology and ultimately, to the marketing of this technology to capital funding sources worldwide. We are clear of what is required to grow an advisor’s assets under management in a strategically planned and goal-oriented measure. While raising capital is the end objective to what we do, the guiding principal of our firm is to match hedge funds with investors who understand the strategy and allocate the funds knowing the specific role each fund will play in an overall asset allocation model.

Having completed the initial steps for the successful consideration of candidate advisors and managers, with each new partner we proceed in a collaborative and focused approach. Next we develop the sales and marketing plan that will leverage the effort required for a highly effective launch of the trading program/fund. As the launch date nears and with the client-partner positioned for introduction, we execute a global marketing approach with established distribution networks:

    - Private Pensions
    - Corporate Pensions
    - Public Pensions
    - Single-Advisor Funds/Fund of Funds/Multi-Advisor Funds
    - Hedge Funds/Fund of Funds
    - Insurance Investments Administrators
    - Endowments
    - Family Offices
    - Trusts
    - Financial Services Institutions
    - Prime Services
    - High Net Worth Investors

A meaningful capital introduction offers greater stability of capital as opposed to the “Hot Money” often associated with a large group of small investors or a single large non-strategic investor. The right partner can offer significant value via institutional and high net worth investors. We do not rely on luck to raise investment capital for hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs, or global money managers. We rely on knowing what we are marketing, who we are marketing to, and that we will perform with total commitment and dedication required to accomplish the task.

Focus on Capital Introduction Prime Brokerage Service

As a boutique firm, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with an unmatched level of personalized attention from strictly senior-level personnel and we continually strive to create long term relationships. We offer a comprehensive understanding of your business and the ability to customize our financial services to fit your needs.

In Conclusion

The branding and market awareness of the client’s trading program and back office operations provides the impetus upon which we can then begin the direct contact phase of the sales effort. The focus is on the institutional and high net worth investor. The trading program is positioned monthly so as to keep the “story” front and center with the prospects most interested in the trading program. Once firmly positioned, institutional or high net worth investors are “keyed” into scheduled conference calls and meetings with the firm’s key personnel.

Whether our clients’ objectives reveal absolute or relative performance-based outcomes, global distribution networks are designed to deliver optimal access to institutional and high net worth investors. Typical terms of representation are as follows:

– We are compensated for results.
– Our fee for capital introductions are 10-30% of management and incentive fees on invested capital and/or from transactional business generated by your fund/CTA.

Our Emerging CTA/Hedge Fund Services include:

    - Prime Services
    - Capital Introduction Platform
    - State-of-the-art trading technologies
    - Customized and tailored presentations for qualified alternative investment trading strategies
    - Access to institutional network of distribution generally inaccessible to smaller and emerging managers
    - RBMF Credit Lines
    - Co-margining capabilities

To find out more interactive provision of information contact us at 1-800-749-3455 or via e-mail: Outside U.S., dial 1-310-556-7718
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