Institutional Services

Institutional Services

Managing investments in today’s financial markets is becoming increasingly complex and fiercely challenging. With the advancement in technology, the increased speed of information flow and the transparency of the marketplace, the ability to produce alpha is getting more and more difficult. The competitive environment of investment management demands constant examination of business and investment strategies to reach consistent success… a goal we deeply understand.

As a partner, BH Capital’s Prime Services is committed to bridging the gap between strategy and seamless execution for alternative managers. We judge our success by one simple standard: our ability to help you excel in your ambitions. We offer a fully integrated prime service. Our main objective is to provide you with all the tools and services you need to reduce the administrative burdens of managing money and attracting new sources of investment capital. We set no boundaries on what we can accomplish together. We go well beyond our assigned role so our clients can focus on delivering superior performance. Prime services draws upon experience, immense resources and advanced trading technology.

Algorithmic Trading Systems

Proud of our dedication to meeting the challenges of adapting to rapid industry changes, we continue to commit both human and financial resources to the continuous improvement and optimization of our technology infrastructure. We provide an unparalleled collection of high performance online futures and Forex trading platforms...
Apex/RANorder Bloomberg Bolt Trading CTS (Cunningham)
CQG Integrated Client CQG M CQG QTrader CQG Trader
CME Direct DTN FastFill GLWin
Interactive Data MetaTrader 4 NFX QPort NinjaTrader
OptionsCity Pats J-Trader Quick Screen Trading Rithmic
Stellar Trading Systems Strategy Runner TT X-Trader WebICE

We provide clients with the latest technological advances and innovations designed to cut hidden costs and reduce trading inefficiencies. Direct link to electronic exchanges, electronic deck management tools to the floor markets, and comprehensive trading solutions offer our clients a competitive edge to enhance Alpha. API availability. The difference is measurable. Click here to request a free software demo

Institutional Desk

We understand that as a hedge fund manager or CTA, your execution needs are precise and often complex. For this reason, we provide an institutional trading desk designed exclusively to service the needs of a CTA, hedge fund manager, or private trader. The institutional trading desk provides expert execution and clearing services. This desk is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who have the savvy and expertise to execute any trade, anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.

    - Complete global future trading execution. One phone number facilitates any global trade.
    - Globex, ICE and ACCESS terminals on site
    - Turret telecommunication technology
    - Large order price averaged report capabilities
    - Exchange for physical order execution, where orders can be placed in either futures or cash terminology
    - A variety of tailored market information
    - Extensive Give-Up relationships
    - RBMF Credit Lines
    - Access to all principal U.S. and global markets

Professional Traders

Our high-volume professional traders expect: exceptional speed, consistent reliability and global market access. At high-security off-site locations, there is redundancy for every critical function of our trading network, with no single point of failure. In addition, there are monitoring capabilities to identify price latencies, trade transmission issues and server overloads on a timely basis. To keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, installed high-end servers provide unparalleled speed of execution.

    - Fix Connectivity
    - Automated Trading
    - Algorithmic Development Services
    - Colocation
    - Trading Allocation
    - Non-Competition
    - Low-Latency Trading
    - Global Colocation
    - Network Infrastructure
    - Server Hosting
    - Advanced Technologies at a Fraction of Full Ownership Costs
    - Non-Competition

Our position in industry leadership is due to:

    - Institutional client base
    - A suite of state-of-the-art etrading solutions
    - Direct link to electronic exchanges including API availability
    - Dedicated risk management
    - Tailor made pricing capability
    - Unparallel customer service
    - Commitment

Alternative Investments

We deliver active investment management to Institutions, Foundations, Trusts, Pension Funds, Family Offices, and Insurance Companies. Tailored products, innovative alpha sources, absolute return programs. Our goal is to produce results by providing clients with access to top tier investment talent throughout the world. We believe this is the best route to achieve consistent and superior investment performance. Building loyal lasting relationships with our clients is as important to us as successfully managing their assets. Our success in meeting the requirements of the marketplace is built on a firm foundation of experience, pedigree, specialization and a proven approach to investment management.

To find out more interactive provision of information contact us at 1-800-749-3455 or via e-mail: Outside U.S., dial 1-310-556-7718

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