Institutional Services Desk

Institutional Services Desk

The Institutional Services Desk provides professional execution and clearing services for a variety of different clients ranging from hedge funds, CTAs, large multinational corporations, and institutions to private traders throughout the world.

The Institutional Services Desk has a dedicated team of execution specialists with years of expertise. We have the proven ability and leading-edge platform technology to handle large orders. The trading desk utilizes the trader turrets and communication consoles utilizing the most advanced digital systems technology. These tools allow our execution specialists to perform their jobs with speed and precision. Network with peers, industry experts, maximize productivity.

We offer timely analysis needed to make critical trading decisions. Analytical rigor and experience that can help you sharpen your ability to spot opportunities.

Services and rates are tailored to the client’s market and execution requirements, reporting format and trading volume. The Institutional Services Desk provides access to all principal U.S. and global markets. Our institutional staff offers years of successful relationship management, anticipating and meeting your needs.

To find out more interactive provision of information contact us at 1-800-749-3455 or via e-mail: Outside U.S., dial 1-310-556-7718
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