Investment Grade Diamonds

Investment Grade Diamonds

When investing in investment diamonds you need an Advisor who has the depth and breadth of knowledge in diamonds. BH Capital provides seamless access for savvy investors. We focus exclusively on natural fancy-colored diamonds and are staffed by an expert GIA graduate Gemologist. This level of expertise not only gives us greater understanding of the diamond market, but also gives us access to a professional global network of affiliations with industry specialists including the most sought after diamond cutters.

Benefits Of Investing In Colored Diamonds From Diamond Investment Brokers

At a time when other investments have suffered unparalleled chaos and uncertainty, natural fancy- colored diamonds have steadily appreciated in value. Over the last decade, unique diamonds have consistently broken records on the global auction market, demonstrating the robust nature of the diamond market and the unceasing international demand. Christies auctions have surpassed records the last few years for both the most expensive investment grade diamonds and the highest price per carat. In April 2010, Christies auctioned top quality, fancy vivid blue, pink, and yellow diamonds with prices of $1 to $2 million per carat, leading Christies to declare 2010 they year of the colored diamond.

Rahul Kadakia, Head of Christies New York, states, “A colorless D-grade diamond at auction will make about $150,000 a carat, while a vivid pink fancy-colored diamond will make $1.5 million a carat, 10 times the price.” He also stated, “This is where the market is. It keeps progressing as people realize how rare these stones are, in special colors and important sizes.”

Traded as early as the fourth century B.C., natural fancy-colored diamonds have had a legacy of continuous capital appreciation. Over the 38 years of performance prices, natural fancy-colored diamonds have never declined at the dealer level. In fact, they have steadily increased by between 10 to 20% annually. According to Southebys, “Yellow diamonds have doubled in value every seven years. Reds, blues, and greens have seen the greatest appreciation, having quadrupled within the last decade!” In fact on November 16, 2010, a fancy intense 24.78 carat pin diamond sold for a record $46 million, or $1.86 million per carat at a Southebys auction, Geneva, Switzerland. That was a world record for a jewel sold at an auction.

The classic criteria for colorless diamonds, such as cut proportions and clarity, are not as prominent when purchasing natural fancy-colored diamonds. The most important quality for natural fancy-colored diamonds is saturation. The deepness value of natural fancy-colored diamonds, the more intense the color, the rarer, the more expensive the diamond. Natural fancy-colored diamonds are graded and valued in order of increasing intensity: Faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy dark, and fancy deep. We deal primarily in investment grade diamonds with a minimum grade of fancy intense to provide the very best saturation qualities and investment growth.

We believe that natural fancy-colored diamonds are the world’s most concentrated stone of tangible value. Both diamonds and gold are extremely rare, mined natural resources diamonds are in fact, significantly rarer than gold. Natural fancy-colored diamonds are distinctively rarer.

The law of supply and demand historically drives the price of all commodities. Nowhere is this more transparent than in natural fancy-colored diamonds. The diminishing supply of natural fancy-colored diamonds is intrinsically correlated to their sustained rise in prices.

The global supply of such rarities is at an all-time low and experts predict that the long term trend will continue. The world’s most abundant diamond mine and the largest supplier of natural fancy-colored pink diamonds, the Argyle Mine is scheduled to close in 2018. There have been no recent major discoveries of fancy-colored diamonds, and industry savants predict that no major sources of supply are scheduled to come into production in the foreseeable future.

Natural fancy-colored diamonds are measured by standard, immutable, steady benchmarks of beauty, rarity, and capital appreciation. Only a handful of natural fancy-colored diamonds achieve the deeper most valuable hues described in the industry as “fancy intense” and “fancy vivid”. Even smaller percentages surpass one carat, let alone five or ten. This scarcity coupled with unpredictable worldwide demand has led to accelerated price increases in natural fancy-colored diamonds.

In turbulent times, astute investors look for new ways to preserve and grow their wealth, while offering non-correlated diversification to the volatile stock market. Many private and institutional investors have discovered natural fancy-colored diamonds. They provide highly profitable portable Alpha and wealth preservation. BH Capital offers some of the world’s finest fancy-colored diamonds at extremely competitive prices. For More Information on how to invest in diamonds, contact us at 1-800-749-3455.
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